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The Case of the Conscientious Accumulator

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Bill & Susan 

Bill & Susan Adams are both 37 years old and at a point in their lives where they want to begin putting more thought into saving for retirement.


Bill & Susan would like to retire by 65 (or earlier if possible,) with $7,500/month of after-tax retirement income as they hope to travel and be quite active.


They would also like to ensure that if either of them were to pass away prematurely, the surviving spouse would be able to maintain their current lifestyle and still be able to meet their retirement goals.

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Background Information: Assets & Debts


Family income (pre-tax)


Investments. Saving $500/month towards their investments  (less than 4% of pre-tax household income)


Value of current house


Mortgage with payments of $2000/month

Current Situation: 

  • Due to their high expected retirement income, along with their lack of employer-provided pensions, Bill & Susan are on track to be able to sustain a monthly retirement income of $5,100 at age 65

    • This is significantly less than their goal of $7,500

  • They feel they could increase their savings by $1,200/month in order to meet their goals


  • Implement the recommended portfolio

  • Increase savings to RRSP by 22%  ($1,200/month- $600/month to each of their RRSPs)

  • Save $3,000 from tax refund each year

  • Delay receiving CPP to Age 70

  • Save $1,000 monthly after mortgage is paid off

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  • After implementing the solutions above, Bill & Susan can now meet their retirement income goal while also retiring three years earlier. This will allow them to get a head-start on the active retirement lifestyle they desire.

  • The couple is taking the necessary steps to secure the appropriate amount of life insurance. This will safeguard their financial stability during their working years and prevent any unforeseen events such as the premature death of a spouse from derailing their retirement plans.

Stories of Success Straight from Our Clients

We have been working with Jake and the Team at Robinson Cancade Private Wealth for the past few years on our financial plan. We have enjoyed their in-depth financial planning process, and the creative strategies that they have brought forward for us to consider. Throughout this time working with the Team at RCPW, they have helped our young family with many things, including buying a business, ensuring that we have the proper risk management solutions in place, and ensuring that our money is hard at work for us so we can become financially independent as soon as possible.

Mike & Shealee

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