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Our Success

Bill & Susan
Conscientious Accumulators

Bill & Susan Adams are both 37 years old, and are at a point in their lives where they want to begin putting more thought into saving for their retirement.

​Their goal is to retire by 65 (or earlier is possible), with $7,500/month of after-tax retirement income as they hope to travel and be quite active.

2023-09-22-Net Worth Graph-001.png

Danny & Tess
Professional Executives

Danny & Tess Smith are in their mid-40’s. They are very busy with their jobs and their family, and would like to enlist the help of a professional to help ensure their finances are optimized

They would like to be able to help each child with the costs of post-secondary education. Retire at age 60 with $8,000/month of retirement income.

2023-09-22-Net Worth Graph-002.png

George & Linda
Small & Farm Business 

George & Linda Smith are in their early 50s, and they own a successful local business. They feel that they are close to meeting their retirement goals, but would like to discuss strategies to help them over the finish line. 

They are likely going to have assets trapped inside of their corporation when they pass, so they would like to look at options of how to pass that down tax-efficiently.

2023-09-22-Net Worth Graph-003.png

Bob & Ruby
Golden Years Retirees

Bob & Ruby Clarke are 63 years old, and they have three children who are in their mid-30s.

Since they are comfortable with their retirement and are confident they aren’t going to spend all of their money, they would like to see their money go towards causes that are near and dear to them

2023-09-22-Net Worth Graph-010.png
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