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The Case of the Professional/ Executive

Danny & Tess

Danny & Tess Smith are in their mid-40s, and they have two children who are 13 and 15 years old. They are very busy with their jobs and family and would like to enlist the help of a professional to ensure their finances are optimized.


They would like to help each child with the costs of post-secondary education and retire at age 60 with $8,000/month of retirement income. Ensure that Danny & the kids would be able to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to if Tess were to pass prematurely.

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Background Information: Assets & Debts


Family income (pre-tax)


Current Investments


Value of current house


Outstanding mortgage.

*Tess is a physician and is the primary income-earner in the family earning $180,000/year. 

Current Situation: 

  • They are currently on track to have about 50% of their desired retirement income.

  • If Tess were to pass prematurely, Danny would not be able to afford to maintain their current lifestyle or save for the kids' education goals.

  • They’re invested in a balanced portfolio, which may be too conservative for their risk tolerance level.


Due to Tess’ high taxable income, their timeframe until retirement, and their risk tolerance, the “borrow to invest” strategy was suitable.

  • Begin saving to their RESP to receive matching grants from government programs

  • Increase RRSP savings by a total of $1,300/month

  • Implement the ‘Corporate Insured Retirement Plan’, which helps to provide valuable insurance coverage on Tess, while also serving as an alternative retirement income

  • Alter their asset allocation to match with their time horizon, and their comfort level with volatility

2023-09-22-Net Worth Graph-002.png


  • They are able to meet their retirement goals, as well as ensure that they have enough money set aside to help the kids with their post-secondary goals.

  • By implementing the Corporate Insured Retirement strategy, they feel much better that they not only have the right amount of life insurance in place, but also have another retirement income stream. 

Stories of Success Straight from Our Clients

The collaborations that we have had with the Team at Robinson Cancade Private Wealth and Cardinal Capital Management have always been initiated by a common goal to do what is best for our clients.  Over the many years we have worked with them, the level of concern they have for their clients, professionalism and responsiveness have been the hallmarks of their approach. Our Firm has a presence in many rural Manitoba communities and we appreciate that they share the same core values as many of our clients and our Firm… A commitment to being straightforward, hard-working and approachable.  Our Team feels very comfortable working with them on client situations and looks forward to adding value for the benefit of our mutual clients.”

-Audra Nychuk, Allied Professional

Partner at Sensus Chartered Professional Accountants

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